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Spending philosophy: The goal with this lifestyle is to spend less on things and more on experiences. When I do make a purchase, I use the minimalist approach of buying quality items that hopefully last me a long time and are light and efficient for travel. Below are some things I use regularly while on the road—if something catches your eye, you can click on the title link to buy it!

The Bag

Osprey Farpoint 55L – I do love my backpack. It’s designed for travel, so unlike hiking backpacks which load from the top, this one conveniently zips open like a suitcase—this means you can find things way easier! The front part also zips off completely to become a daypack and my tripod, camera, and laptop fit perfectly inside during photography excursions. If you’re not travelling with a camera and tripod, I would recommend checking out the smaller Osprey which is even more carry-on friendly. I know these backpacks seem a bit tiny to be fitting your life into, but it’s absolutely possible to do! You don’t not need a pack over 55 liters.

What’s in the bag?


Macbook Pro 13″
This little powerhouse is where I write my blog posts, edit images, find the next hostel and watch funny cat videos. It’s my first Apple laptop that I bought for travel and I couldn’t be happier! I chose the Macbook Pro over the lighter Macbook Air because it’s similarly light and small, and my perfectionist photographer eyes love the retina display.

Fujifilm X-T1
I’ve dreamt of this camera for two years, and now I finally have one of my own! It’s met all of my expectations. This little mirrorless camera goes everywhere with me and is great for light travel and quality images. It’s weather sealed and I like the focus peaking, articulating screen and wifi features.

Power Adapter
An essential for charging all of your electronics in different countries. Has four different types of plugs.


Eagle Creek Packing Cubes 
If you’re wondering how to pack your clothes most efficiently, here’s your answer! Rolling your clothes and putting them in these compression cubes is probably the most space conserving way to pack. You would be surprised how much you can fit into them, and except for my fleece jacket, I can fit all of my clothes into these cubes.

Eagle Creek Bags
Handy, feather light containers for just about anything. Helps me stay organized by keeping the little things from floating around in my backpack. I use the larger bag for packing my cable chargers and the others for items like pens, band-aids, and playing cards.

Gox Ultra Light Toiletry Bag
I’ve found that most toiletry bags designed for travel are still too bulky for me. This is probably because I don’t travel with a lot of toiletries—just the essentials. It’s important that your case is waterproof for when you want to hang it in the shower. This little guy is waterproof, small, light, and looks like a pencil case. Perfect.


Alarmed Door Stopper
I use this brilliant invention mostly when I’m sleeping in a single hostel room for extra peace of mind. If anyone opens the door, not only does this stopper stop the door, but it sounds a 120dB alarm that hopefully deters anyone with ill intention. This alarmed stopper isn’t the most popular on the market, but I find that it works well and is the lightest.

Retractable Cable Lock
I try to put my bag in a locker whenever possible, but if I can’t, I attach it to something sturdy and grounded with this cable lock. I also use small combination locks on the lock-friendly zippers of my travel bag for added safety.

Fox Emergency Whistle
For if I ever find myself clinging to a door in the middle of the Atlantic.


Quick Dry Travel Towel
When you’re budget traveling you wont always stay somewhere with towels available for you. I know some people carry a big ol’ towels around with them in their packs, but that’s just because they haven’t discovered these. Light, fast drying, anti-bacterial, doesn’t take up much space, soft… simply a must-have!

Platypus Collapsible Bottle
Refillable BPA-free bottle that weighs next to nothing and takes up little space when empty. I use this bottle all the time and can hang it off of my backpack with a carabiner. I try to store it flat when not in use since some people have said that repeatedly folding it up has caused micro-tears in the plastic.

Parachute Cord
I use paracord to dry laundry by tying the cord in the room and hanging clothes on it.

Girls Only

Diva Cup
Can you hear the angels singing? My diva cup is a godsend and makes managing my lady business easy. It means fewer changes (only mornings and evenings for me) and saves me from having to buy and carry around pads and tampons while on the road. I also think this cup is even more adventurist friendly than tampons are! It may be a bit… daunting at first, but it’s easy to get the hang of.

The links are affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you buy an item you click on at no added cost to you. I only list products that I like and trust.

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