About Tracy

Tracy is a photographer, self-care warrior and truth-seeker solo traveling the world with a camera and backpack. Find out more about her here.
18 08, 2017

Volunteering as an English Teacher in Chile

Imagine that it’s 8AM and you’re standing in front of a room of 13 energetic middle schoolers yelling “candy, candy!”; the others are spinning spinners like they’re cool and attempting to tactfully sneak a like...

3 07, 2017

The Street Dogs of Chile

They call them “quiltro” here and they will... steal your ball at the beach, ask for cuddles, and crash your class. They’re the street dogs of Chile and they roam the country freely. The culture surrounding them is new to...

8 03, 2017

Day Trip: The Loxahatchee River

I'm lucky to have visited a lot of spectacular places—I’ve camped the deserts of Namibia, explored Bavarian castles and forests, and have seen the Colosseum up close. And I always feel that it’s expected of me to...