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My name is Tracy and I’m a Native Floridian taking on the world!

I remember scrolling through Instagram and finding those travel photos of warm beaches and snow-capped mountains paired with inspiring quotes. They shouted “Travel the world!” “Throw off the bowlines. Sail away!”

Okay! Yes! But… how?

I thought that I needed a lot of money to travel the world.

Aren’t I supposed to get a respectable 9-5 and work my way up the corporate ladder?

Although that path is not wrong… I want more. (cue the Ariel song, you know the one)

All we really own in this world is a small bit of time—one precious and fragile life—just one! When I remind myself of that, uncertainty falls away and the notion of working to live and living to work makes little sense to me unless you seriously love your job.

I want adventure.

And I strongly believe that when dreams of adventure tug at your heart throughout the day, it’s something you must listen to and follow… even if it seems a bit out there!

So in 2012 I ran off to join the circus.

You see, my Hogwarts letter never came so I thought that the circus would be the next best thing.

I chose to go to Florida State University (Go Noles!) so that I could pursue my bachelors degree while performing with the Flying High Circus. The journey was thrilling, yet nothing at all what I expected it to be. I was incredibly humbled to find out that I had about as much grace as a baby elephant and the way the ground looked at 20ft high made me want to scrap this dream altogether.

I’m only smiling on the outside

But I also discovered that something others had said was impossible for me, simply wasn’t, and it gave me more courage to try new things in spite of nay-sayers and some serious self-doubt. So in my last year of college I started a Facebook blog called Humans of FSU where I interviewed and photographed hundreds of people affiliated with the school.

And in my last semester of school I tried counseling and broke out of The Matrix.

I was unbrainwashed and realized that I had crawled through the hells of malignant narcissistic abuse my entire life.

This revelation was liberating beyond words, but also overwhelmingly painful. (think Disney’s Tangled) I speak openly about my experience because there was a time when I couldn’t, and because there needs to be boatloads more awareness about this deeply misunderstood topic.

After graduating that semester I took six months to focus on meditating, reading, eating ice cream, appreciating nature, and generally healing from c-PTSD as much as I could. During that time I also worked a seasonal resort job and sold my things to save money for kickstarting my travels. Now I’m finally free and hope to explore as much of this crazy world as I can through (almost) whatever means possible! That usually means finding creative ways to travel cheaply and working and volunteering as I go.

This blog is about fighting like hell for your dreams.

It’s about smashing comfort zones, life after abuse, and challenging social conformity. It’s learning that you don’t need a lot of money to travel, and that despite your adversity, you can embrace this messy life and create something beautiful.

I’m excited for the great adventures to come and I’m glad you could join me.

Fun facts:

  • I’m exceptionally bad at navigating.
  • I’m a LoTR fan and would love to visit the hobbit holes in New Zealand!
  • I like all types of music and can listen to a song on repeat if it matches my mood.
  • My favorite place in the world is actually in my home town.
  • I used to play World of Warcraft until the sun went down… and then came back up again. #FTA
  • I used to be a tennis player.
  • ♥ nachos



  1. Rita Hogensen March 16, 2017 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    Today is the day you head out on a new adventure. I wish I could go with you. Please let me live vicariously beside you. I can hardly wait to read about your exciting travels.

    • Tracy
      Tracy March 16, 2017 at 11:54 am - Reply

      Awh thank you for thinking of me today, Rita! I woke up this morning and was sad when I remembered that wasn’t going to see you and the crew today–but I am excited and nervous for this new journey! I’ll be thinking of y’all and say hi to the turtles for me. 🙂 Much love <3

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